Leo Compatibility Chart – Best and you may Terrible Fits

Leo Compatibility Chart – Best and you may Terrible Fits

This new icon to own Leo is the lion, who is referred to as King from Monsters. There is always an air off royalty so you’re able to a Leo native, irrespective of its history otherwise public category. So it signal try flirtatious and generous.

Regarding Leo compatibility, this signal normally establish specific demands. Still, locals associated with the signal is actually loyal and you may devoted after they settle off with the best individual.

Leo Compatibility Graph

According to Leo being compatible chart, Leo’s best matches in terms of romantic dating and friendships is Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and you will Gemini. Leo’s least suitable cues try Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer tumors and you will Pisces.

So it commission is within part predicated on conventional insights concerning the connection of each and every sign. It is extremely predicated on practical experience with every of your own cues and how they interact.

Leo Better Suits

Leo’s better matches try Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Gemini. This type of extremely compatible zodiac cues reveal Leo’s attraction, courage, and you will daring soul. They enhance the new warm nature regarding the indication and you may lie within its glow.


In the event that Leo is actually royalty, Libra is the ideal courtier. Skilled in the arts of diplomacy, discussion, and you can flirtation, Libra is able to reveal Leo’s appeal and magnanimity. In addition, Libra will perform so it as opposed to outshining Leo by any means.

It few could well be extremely societal and certainly will commonly throw a knowledgeable activities of one’s zodiac. Leo may be the life of the latest party, and Libra will be the prime server otherwise hostess.

Not merely was such cues compatible publicly, however they likewise have the same nature privately. Those two cues need to take from other masks and come off stage from time to time.

Leo and Libra is also each other check a while aloof in private on the of these that they love. Yet, they discover both similar to this also.


When you’re Libra brings about Leo’s societal front side, Libra’s opposite side, Aries, brings out this new daring and daring nature associated with sign.

In today’s business, there are not many possibilities to possess adventures. Leo is additionally a fixed Indication, which can make that it indication unwilling to venture out with the unknown.

But really, Aries is obviously up getting problematic and can look for excitement when you look at the whatever some time and put which signal has become.

Yet ,, underneath the epidermis, such cues will be getting the lifetime of its lifestyle. In many cases, arguments commonly resulted in rooms.


Of the Fire Cues, Sagittarius ‘s the the very least combative additionally the really placed-straight back. Due to this fact, an excellent Leo/Sagittarius matchmaking may seem so much more good than just a beneficial Leo/Aries one to.

As a general rule, Sagittarius will timid out of connection in love relationship, and Leo favors the soundness from authoritative duties.

Still, in the event that a great Sagittarius is about to calm down that have anyone, good Leo is a wonderful possibilities. Leo is one of the few cues that can continue with Sagittarius.


A match between Leo and you will Gemini is an additional sweet integration. These cues host both, and they have fun complimentary wits together.

Yet, even if these two signs appreciate wearing a program, their reasons will vary adequate that they do not compete with one another. Leo has an interest in-being brand new star and you will center phase.

Gemini keeps fun being the superstar to own a limited big date however dominicancupid logowanie, is far more looking for trying out various different roles. This is why Gemini try prepared to enjoy some support jobs and does not be Leo’s you would like.

But not, Leo and Gemini’s fits enjoys a diminished compatibility score than the other people about list. The reason being Gemini is likely to are available at the very least to help you flirt with lots of individuals. Leo are able to see it since being unfaithful and become jealous.

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